Windjammers Switch trailer reminds us that the '90s really weren't cool

Windjammers is a weird one. Nobody really played it in some twenty plus years ago when it first came out, possibly because next to nobody owned a Neo Geo (and those who did were probably playing Metal Slug or King of Fighters) - or possibly because it's a frisbee-throwing game -, but it's enjoyed a second breath of life these past few years. We're not sure what triggered that, exactly, but we suspect that the folks over at Giant Bomb may be responsible.

In and case, DotEmu has since gone about releasing the game on more modern hardware, complete with what is reportedly some pretty great net code.

And now it's coming to the Switch, replete with a '90s themed trailer that may seem a little over-done, but honestly isn't as overdone as you might want to believe. To think - I lived through that decade.


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