The Last of Us 2 gameplay looks unsurprisingly great

Sony's E3 press conference has come and gone, and say what you will about the pacing of the event itself, there was some very nice looking stuff on show.

Unsurprisingly, it opened with The Last of Us Part 2, and equally unsurprisingly, it looked fantastic. For one thing, Naughty Dog has managed to animate a kiss that looks like an actual kiss, rather than two heads bumping together. For another, there is a weight and sense of consequence to the gameplay that really shows up just how pulpy Square's showing of the latest Tomb Raider is.

Also, just look at it. Microsoft may have hands-down the most powerful console, but Sony has some wizardry going on over in PS4 land. After God of War, however, we do have to wonder just how loud out PS4's are going to get when this launches... eventually? 


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