Shenmue 1&2 are getting a current gen release

Sharp Dreamcast games, mind you, but it's clear that Sega isn't going down the remaster road here. This is Shenmue just as it was, except perhaps for more consistent performance and far fewer jagged edges.

Whatever the case, Sega has confirmed Shenmue 1 & 2 for PS4, XBO and PC this year.

Personally, I'm just about ready to jump out of my skin over this, but it's tought to see it as much more than a nostalgia play towards those who were around back when Shenmue was the most amazing looking thing a console had ever pumped out onto a telivsion display.

The games are at once polished and yet filled with rough edges, and it's very likely that some modern tweaks (right down to camera and character control) will be required not to repel first-timers from sinking into the full experience.

What will be interesting, however, is to witness how much the attention to detail holds up. Shenmue didn't lay the map for open world adventuring, but it did present a world with far more detail and nuance than the wave of games that followed GTA3 could even dream of. Seriously, Ryo would even walk up and down stairs properly - something I'd wager many games still don't bother with even today.


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