Refresh yourself on Shenmue's premise ahead of this month's remaster

Sega has dropped a 'What is Shenmue?' story trailer (presumably episodes two and onwards will focus on other aspects) to help drum up a little hype for the remaster, due on the 21st of this month.

They even went and got Corey Marshall, the original English voice actor for player-character Ryo, to narrate. Granted, Shenmue isn't exactly famed for its fantastic dub, but for the most part the main characters did okay. What really stands out here is that the in game voice samples are still heavily compressed, especially when you hear Ryo speak after the clearer narration.

Still, it still looks nice in spite of minimal visual touch-ups, which is important as the details really are where Shenmue shines. The story is a handy progress motivator, but we expect the following videos will focus on more interesting things.


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