Here's a Rage 2 gameplay trailer to inject into your eyes

In case you weren't paying attention a few days ago, Wallmart Canada went and listed a whole slew of as-yet-unannounced games. Most of it was predictable, if numerically strange (we could have predicted Forza Horizon 4 safely enough, but nobody is expecting 5 just yet...), but if there was one oddity on the list, it would have to be Rage 2.

Bethesda seems to have done what it can to make the most of the sutuation, using this as a chance to tease us pre-e3 rather than just pretend nobody noticed, and now we have our first look at gameplay.

It's got the team behind Just Cause (and Mad Max) behind it, and honestly looks quite promising. The first Rage was a good game that never quite managed to be great, and while that's a part of why this announcement is a bit surprising, we certainly hope this one brings all of the goods, because we'd happily stomp around this wasteland with a shotgun is the scenario design is on point.


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