Brighten your morning with this Mario Odyssey musical

Yesterday, Nintendo dropped a wonderful one hundred seconds of  Super Mario Odyssey video goodness. Largely live action, it's a celebration that features dancing on the street, Mario bouncing over cars and this game just looking like fun. Also, there's that song. You know the one by now - if you pay too much attention to the lyrics it's kind of dumb, but there's no denying how catchy it is.

In all seriousness, though, as purist as we are about wishing game advertising showed more  actual gameplay, this video hits everything for six despite its gameplay presence being limited. First of all, actual gameplay is there, but most importantly the whole production just seems to perfectly capture the kind of off-kilter spin on ritzy fun that Odyssey seems so full of.

Seriously, give it a watch. Super Mario Odyssey is out on Switch come the twenty-seventh of this month.


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