Top 10 Gaming Desktops in September

PC & Tech Authority's Top 10s are ranked according to review scores and site traffic over a 12 month period. Basically, these products have hit a chord with us, with Google searches, and stuff that people generally like. In other words, this list shows which products are receiving the most interest from readers on our site.

Review: Corsair One Pro gaming PC

It’s a trim, taut, and rather terrific second go at PC building from Corsair.

Review: TI AMD Gaming Workstation

For when gaming and work are equal priorities.

Review: TI Power 7700K desktop PC

5GHz and 700fps? Yes please!

Review: HP Omen 880-062a desktop gaming PC

Ryzen hits the pre-made market.

Review: Lenovo Y710 Cube gaming PC

Small, sexy, and super-fast… but no SSD as standard?

Review: Gigabyte Brix Gaming UHD PC

A mini-tower of power.

Review: Asus ROG GR8 II gaming PC

Mini-PCs are all the rage.