Top 10 Budget Smartphones in October

PC & Tech Authority's Top 10s are ranked according to review scores and site traffic over a 12 month period. Basically, these products have hit a chord with us, with Google searches, and stuff that people generally like. In other words, this list shows which products are receiving the most interest from readers on our site.

Review: Samsung Galaxy A5 (2017)

The strongest rival yet to the OnePlus 3T, with bags of style, amazing battery life and an excellent camera.

Review: ZTE Axon 7

When a phone comes out boasting AKM audio chips, and promising the highest audio quality, we thought we ought to have a look at sound quality!

Review: Oppo A57 smartphone

Great value with few compromises.

Review: Oppo R11 smartphone

Oppo's mid-range phone impresses.

Review: OnePlus 3T - small changes, still solid

Despite a higher price than the OnePlus 3, and a dearth of new features, the 3T is still a gem of a phone.

Review: Oppo R9s smartphone

Good hardware, nice price.

Review: ZTE Axon 7 Mini

A good looker that gets the basics mostly right.

Review: HTC 10 evo smartphone

This 5.5in phone makes too many sacrifices for the sake of cost, with only its clever earbuds as consolation.