ViewSonic N2060W

ViewSonic N2060W

An older TV, but if you’re planning to add a digital set-top box or DVD player, this small analogue set is a bargain buy

This is an older LCD. Why restrict your widescreen pleasure to the lounge? There are some great small-room TVs around – like this 20in ViewSonic LCD.

The N2060W is a neat and tidy design on a sturdy stand, and is very flexible, thanks to numerous inputs. It comes with a generic remote, thin and hard in the hand but not overbuttoned, and easy enough to use in the dark.

Unsurprisingly at this size and price, the TV's tuner is an analogue-only, though it tunes rapidly. Far more unusual is the ViewSonic's HD Ready status, with 1366x768 resolution and an HDMI input.

Use the disc!
Straight out of the box, the screen's colours are crassly overblown and contrast is non-existent, but a few minutes with a THX video set-up disc works wonders.

Showing Pirates of the Caribbean 2, the N2060W offers clean, believable images with fine colour subtlety and determined motion tracking.

Skin tones and textures look convincing, and even stark contrasts can’t provoke undue flaring or colour bleed. Only a lack of insight into dark scenes, which forgo decent definition early on, betrays the set's budget status.

The N2060W's onboard tuner copes manfully, too, resisting the urge to give up on motion even when showing fast-moving sports programmes. Again, dark tones lack detail and resolution, but it’s a fine overall showing for the money
ViewSonic N2060W
5 6
For Good spec; convincing images; decent build quality

Against Can’t extrapolate dark scenes;
• View Sonic:
Dimensions (hwd, cm) 42x52x19 Type LCD HDMI in 1 Weight (kg) 6 Aspect Ratio 16:9 DVI in 0 HD Ready Yes PC in 1 Full HD No Component in 1 Screen size (in) 20 RGB Scart in 1 Resolution 1366x768 Scart in 1 Accepts 1080p No S-Video in 1 24fps No Composite in 1 HDMI 1.3a No USB in 0 Integrated analogue tuner Yes Memory card in 0 Integrated digital tuner No Phono audio in 1 Phono audio out 1 Digital audio out 0
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