SilverStone ‘Raven’ RV01

SilverStone ‘Raven’ RV01

The Raven PC case: channeling more F-117 Nighthawk stealth bomber than any other case!

Constructed with a steel superstructure, with tough plastic panelling around, this case is exceptionally well built - living up to SilverStone's usual standards. Starting at the front fascia, you'll notice that it has an inset 'stealthed' drive bay system. Simply push in, and slide the door down until it clicks, and when you push it again it'll even raise itself back into place! It makes a bit of noise while doing so, but it's very ignorable.

The top edge of the case has very large and easy to use power and reset buttons, as well as a stealthed panel for access to the two USB, Firewire, audio and headphone ports. Falling off to the side here, a very large side panel and angled window look stunning. Very thick and solid Perspex has been used for the window, surrounded on three sides by bevelled plastic flares, and a large vent underneath. The opposing side panel is identical to this, just without the window.

Underneath the case are four plastic and immobile feet, with rubber underneath to stop movement. Filtering is here for the PSU, and can be accessed without opening the case - very, very handy. In fact all the intakes of this case are filtered, stopping large particles of dust and hair from getting in (though small pieces of dust will still sneak through).

Around the back of the case is... absolutely nothing. You'd even be forgiven for thinking it were the front - because there's nothing back here! Just smooth, sealed plastic is, with only a small vent near the top edge, but why?

Because the ATX layout has been rotated 90° to the right.

To gain access into the case, two twist-locks undo, and half of the top grille slides out of place, revealing the not-quite-traditional 'back' panel. Complete with the usual seven expansion slots, 12cm fan and a large vent, this also has quick release catches for the panels - just slide them across and pull the panels directly out. There's even a sturdy steel handle here (with a matching alcove under the front fascia), making carting your rig around a breeze.

Inside the all-black interior, there are six tool-less HDD bays (the leftmost of which is hot-swappable), and five 5.35in bays that are secured with a simple rocker switch, just like a light switch.

The PSU is at the bottom of the case, along with room for a 12cm intake fan at the bottom if you'd like to add one. Dual 18cm fans are inset into the roof of this area, taking cool air in from the sidepanel vents, and passing it over the HDD bays as well as into the ATX area. This cool air will flow up all the motherboard components, into the CPU cooler and graphics card, and will blow right out the top of the case. Design-wise this makes perfect sense - after all, heat rises.

Two 18cm fans pushing air in, and only the one 12cm out, means that the case will have positive air pressure. Due to where the PSU sits, you don't have to worry about cable length either, and there's plenty of room behind the mobo tray for cabling.

While we admit that the looks of this case might not be for everyone, the design is phenomenal, the build solid and the features well-populated. Atomic loves this case, and we're definitely looking forward to any mods done to it.

Check out the First Look we did of the Raven, with plenty of pictures.

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SilverStone ‘Raven’ RV01
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If you like the looks, you’re going to love this case.
Hot Award
• Altech Computers:
280 x 616 x 660mm (W x H x D); 1 x 120mm Fan (top); 2 x 180mm Fan (internal intake); 5 x 5.25in drive bay (external); 6 x 3.5in drive bay (internal); ATX, E-ATX, M-ATX; SECC Steel with windowed panel, plastic external shell.
This review appeared in the March, 2009 issue of Atomic Magazine

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