FIRST LOOK: In Win a360 PC Case

FIRST LOOK: In Win a360 PC Case
We looked at the In Win A360 in five key areas:

General aesthetics & Facia design
The In win a360 is unlikely to win any design awards. The bluish oval shaped case feels flimsy, not helped by its cheap plastic exterior. The top of the case looks like a corrugated iron roof and has all the vibrations to go with the look.

A hinge loading front top that relies on magnets feels more gimmicky than useful. It obscures the drive bays and is just asking to be broken by nimble fingers, serving little purpose, other than to annoy you every time you want to access your drives.

In fact, after just a few minutes of testing the product, we managed to accidentally dislodge the hinges from the front panel, with barely a fingertip touch.

Two USBs, 1 firewire slot and the standard audio and mic ports grace the front of the a360.

Cooling solutions
A single ‘Vortex’ exhaust fan comes standard on the a360 with another exhaust at the rear panel. It’s nothing too special and is obviously best suited to low powered set-ups. The case does not come with a PSU either.

Drive space availability
There are 6 Drive Bays in the case (2 x 5.25" and 4 x 3.5").

Internal design & Interior space
Inside, the case has been designed with beveled (curved) metal edges that do a half-hearted job of keeping you from cutting yourself. We noticed quite a few sharp corners that were dangerously sharp and asking for trouble.

The case uses old school metal punch outs, and requires a screwdriver for most of the work, even though the case is supposably ‘tool- less’. The case is only for mini-ATX design boards.

Tacky, removable plastic clips on the panel feel like they could impede air flow into the unit and we felt the hard drive bays were much crowded too close together, a possible recipe for overheating.

Weight, dimensions & Construction
The case is very heavy for its moderately small size. The A360 measures 370 x 190 x 470 mm (HxWxD).

The case also failed our ‘rattle test’. If it rattles, you know it’s not a good thing for keeping a tab on fan noise, which will only help to amplify the cheap metal acoustics of the case.

By using plastic, In win have committed a crushing design flaw, as you're unlikely to find decent cases built in this material.

Overall, were unable to recommend the In win a360 for its inherent design flaws.

Prices were not able to be confirmed when this review went to print. We'll update the latest prices when details come in.

In Win a360 PC Case
2 6
A generic, value case for of mum and dad buyers only. And even then, that’s pushing it....
First Look
Mid Tower Chassis, Micro-ATX, Drive Bays: External 5.25" x 2, 3.5" x 2 Internal 3.5" x 2; Front Ports: Standard USB2.0 x 2,IEEE 1394 A x 1, HD Audio Power Supply ATX 12V, PSII size I/O Expansion Slots PCI/AGP expansion slots × 4 Dimension (HxWxD) 370 x 190 x 470 mm (14.5" x 7.5" x 18.5")

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