Trailer Roundup: See the latest Wolverine, Harry Potter and Trek

Trailer Roundup: See the latest Wolverine, Harry Potter and Trek

The trailer goodness continues with the latest for Hugh Jackman's Wolverine, the sixth Harry Potter and a new trailer for Trek that shows more Kirk.

X-Men Origins: Wolverine

Wow - this is looking really interesting. Fans have long clambered for the inclusion of Gambit and now we have it, played with plenty of card-tossing explosions to thrill. Better yet, the inclusion of Marvel's B- characters that never made the grade in Brian Singer's X-Men films look to be in fighting form here. 

The appearance of the Blob (Frederick J. Dukes) and Deadpool (played by comedian Ryan Reynolds) will ensure this is definitely one for the comic fans as well. Nice to see some of the scenes with Clylops playing out from the comics.

The big chopper shot at the end of the trailer still looks overly-CGI, but the dark, brooding tone seems to be right on target for the Wolverine character. Apparently, the production has been beset by delays, reshoots (between its Australian and Canadian production locales) and in-fighting between South African director Gavin Hood and film studio Twentieth Century Fox.

But since when has a great film not resulted from a troubled production? Thanks to a day and date release strategy, Aussies will among the first in the world to see this when it launches on April 30th this year.

Australian release date: April 30, 2009

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

For those of you who aren't up to score with the current Potter franchise, this represents the sixth instalment of the boy wizard in the hands of author JK Rowling. Half-Blood Prince is directed by Brit David Yates;the directing gig has since passed hands from Chris Columbus, Mike Newell and Alfonso Cuaron. The tone fom each director has visibly changed with each film, including the production style. Voldemort is still causing trouble, but could there be a more sinister threat in this flick?

The CGI is also starting to look more realistic in these films; the combination of practical and visual FX appears to be more authentic in this trailer (than previous Potter outings) and fans of the books are probably in rapture waiting for this to open.

If you've never caught the Potter express before, chances are this might be too much to swallow at the sixth outing; but hardcore fans are going to eat this up and ask for seconds.

Australian release date: 16th July, 2009

Star Trek

Another trailer, another chance to debate the naysayers about the quality of remakes. We're feeling a 90210 vibe in these trailers, which isn't hard to suggest, considering the average age and hormonal motivations by most of the key characters of this pic. We're still putting our trust into director JJ Abrams; the previous footage we saw last year was top-notch and we have no reason to doubt the new Trek at this point.

This trailer shows a bit more of Kirk; gives the acadamy a more epic feel and shows some interesting family flashbacks. The action ratio looks much bigger in this trailer. Bring it on.

Australian release date: 7th May



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