"This SSD will self-destruct in zero seconds"

"This SSD will self-destruct in zero seconds"

RunCore has announced a new range of solid state drives with physical 'self-destruct' buttons.

Wiping sensitive data from your computer or laptop isn't as simple as emptying the Recycle Bin - in some cases deleted files are still recoverable; especially in the hands of someone who knows their way around a computer.

This is where RunCore's nVincible Solid State Drives come into the picture. The SSD specistalist's new range comes with the unique ability to phsycially destroy data at the push of a button. 

This is acheived via an externally-mounted button which applies an over-current to the NAND flash memory; essentially frying the modules at the source and killing the disk in the process. If this sounds a bit drastic, you can also opt to overwrite the SSD with meaningless code, effectively setting it back to factory default. 

"With these devices your private data protection is entering an entirely new stage of security," boasts the RunCore press release. "This is especially important in an ever more mobile environment were sensitive data and information are frequently being carried along, making it a potential risk to being used by unauthorized third parties."

Personally, we find a blow torch does an equally good job, although you don't get to feel like a master of espionage, we suppose. 

Other specifications are as follows: 


Micro SATA






 MLC:16/32/64/128/256 GB

 SLC:16/32/64/128 GB



Flash Media

NAND Flash 

Max. read speed


Max. write speed


Input Voltage


Power consumption


Idle power consumption



 5,000,000 Hours


40bit 1KB BCH


Static \ Dynamic 

Extending Protect

 Intelligent\Physical Destruction (Options)

Operating temperature

 Industrial ( -20℃~+70℃)

Wide temparature ( -40℃~+85℃) 


To see the nVincible's self-destruct feature in practice, check out the video below:

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