New magazine and iPad issue! Which mobile broadband is the best for speed and price?

New magazine and iPad issue! Which mobile broadband is the best for speed and price?

Don't miss our massive mobile broadband supertest - we've rated every major network, plus we've tested iPad micro-SIMs and give you the lowdown on MiFi devices. Plus, budget laser printers, how to setup a NAS box and more.

The new June issue of PC & Tech Authority goes on sale today and on the iPad, and it is jammed with reviews, features and more!

The latest iPad edition is packed with:

If you own an iPad, do yourself a favour and download the iPad edition from iTunes. After all, you get everything that's in the print edition, plus all the exclusive extras that we've lovingly crafted to look great on your iPad.

- Videos! See our esteemed editor Nic Healey wax lyrical about the new issue!
- See our exclusive video demo of the BlackBerry Playbook tablet.
- The HP Touchsmart PC - see our feature review of this flagship PC, including an interactive photo.
- Our new gallery mode lets you see photos of the hottest products in even greater detail.
- More pics of the tech we want the most…phones, tablets, cameras, laptops. Yep, everything you own is already obsolete.
- Interactive comparison feature - only on our iPad edition can you compare two products in our group test, side by side.
- Interactive A-List - it's the handiest expert shopping guide you'll find, plus you can swipe, and things move.

Click here to get the PC & Tech Authority iPad app.

PLUS, the iPad edition includes everything you get in the magazine.

Don't have an iPad? Here's our video preview of this month's June issue.

And here's the top 10 reasons to get this month's June issue:

1 Mobile Broadband Supertest

This is it - our big roadtest of the major wireless broadband networks, including iPad micro-SIMS and MiFi modems. Read our feature and avoid getting ripped off.

2 iPad 2 vs Motorola Zoom


What's this, a fancy tablet that doesn’t have an Apple logo on it?

3 Life in the Smart Lane

We reveal the future of in-car computing.

4 PC heaven


It's the gear every PC enthusiast wants - cutting edge components for PC enthusiasts, from motherboards, to SSD and graphics.

5 Personal lasers!


Ok, we mean the printer kind. We've put seven budget colour laser printers starting from as low as $192 on the test bench.

6 The A-List: your ultimate shopping cheat sheet


More than 50 categories of the best tech, from PCs, to digital cameras, software, printers, monitors and more.

7 How to setup a home NAS box


You've got loads of movies and music. You want it backed up and networked so you can access it on all your gadgets. Read on…

8 How to turn your Mac or iPhone into a hotspot


Our step by step guide shows you this handy trick.

9 Deals, deals, deals


Our Marketplace is a classifieds for tech enthusiasts - and includes some good deals on things like Windows 7 Ultimate, cables and printers.

10 Our software DVD


If you remember Sim City fondly, you might get a kick our of this month's game - Cities in Motion. The DVD also comes with a full version of the Peppermint One OS, plus Ashampoo Burning Studio elements for burning music, movies and data.


Get all this with the June edition of PC & Tech Authority on sale at newsstands from today.

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