Marvel's Spider-Man: Everything you need to know

Marvel's Spider-Man: Everything you need to know

Insomniac's open-world, web-slinging Spider-Man entry is shaping up rather nicely

Marvel's Spider-Man is coming to the PS4 as a platform-exclusive release developed by Sunset Overdrive and Ratchet & Clank developer Insomniac Games.

Initially unveiled during Sony's E3 2016 press conference, Spider-Man is being treated like a completely first-party release by Sony. Seeing as Sony Pictures own the Spider-Man film rights, it only makes sense that SIE is responsible for publishing a video game bearing the web slinger's name.

This isn't another Spider-Man origin story though, we've had enough of those. Instead, Insomniac Games starts your journey with the famous wall-crawler eight years into his role as New York City's protector. So far we've seen a couple of gameplay demos that showcase how Insomniac is framing this Spider-Man tale, the most recent of which released at Sony's Paris Games Week showcase in October.

Ahead of the game's 2018 release, we've put together everything you need to know about Spider-Man.


Marvel's Spider-Man PS4: everything you need to know

Marvel's Spider-Man PS4 release date: When will Spider-Man come to PS4?

Sony has remained tight-lipped on a firm release date for Spider-Man, but we do know it will come in 2018.

When in 2018 is a different matter altogether. From looking out at the games we already know will be landing in 2018, including God of War, Ghost of Tsushima, Red Dead Redemption 2, Detroit: Become Human, Far Cry 5, The Last of Us Part II and Days Gone, Spider-Man is going to arrive at a crowded time of the year, regardless of when it arrives. Chances are, Sony will want to give it a little breathing room, but still make sure it arrives in plenty of time to be an affordable holiday purchase.

Marvel's Spider-Man PS4 gameplay: What does it play and look like?

Hands-on sessions for Spider-Man haven't been made widely available to press just yet, but we have been able to see gameplay thanks to the E3 2017 gameplay trailer Sony revealed during its keynote presentation. From the trailer, we were given a glimpse of what the more structured elements of its open-world gameplay will look like.

In all honesty, it really does just look like a reskinned version of the Batman: Arkham games, but I'm willing to give Insomniac the benefit of the doubt for now.

At E3 2016, Sony provided us with our first look at Spider-Man's gameplay and, while it's unclear just how much of it was actually free-form gameplay, it's good way to see it in action.

Marvel's Spider-Man PS4 story and setting: Is it related to the Spider-Man movies?

Spider-Man is completely unrelated to the various Spider-Man movies that have graced our cinema screens over the years. It may have been a nice tie-in to have a Spider-Man: Homecoming game, but this is an entirely new adventure with an entirely different take on Peter Parker as the web-slinger.

From what we know, Insomniac's story is set eight years after Peter Parker becomes Spider-Man. Early in the game you defeat the infamous Kingpin and a new gang going by the name of the Inner Demons try to take his turf. It's here that Spider-Man really focuses as you kick the Inner Demons out of New York City while unravelling who's really pulling the strings behind the entire operation.

So far only a couple of known villains have been shown to exist within this new Spider-Man game. We know that both Kingpin and Mr. Negative star, but there are rumours that others will appear. Here's who we know stars in the new Spider-Man game so far.

Marvel's Spider-Man PS4 villain list:

  • Mr. Negative

  • Wilson Fisk (Kingpin)

  • Shocker

  • Norman Osborn (Green Goblin)

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