Get into the Great Aussie Casemod competition!

Get into the Great Aussie Casemod competition!

Got an idea for a true blue case mod? Want to help support an important charity? Thermaltake and Mittoni have the competition for you.

Atomic loves a good case mod, and we love being able to support worthy charities. When the two combine, it's pretty awesome, and Thermaltake's sponsoring a great new comp that we're really proud to get behind.

Here's the deets, straight from the horse's mouth:

The great Aussie case mod competition
Sponsored by Thermaltake
Beneficiary Deaf Children Australia

Your Mission: To design an "Australia: Past, present and future" chassis modification based on Thermaltake's outstanding V9 BlacX Edition mid tower system housing.

The theme: Australia: Past, Present and Future
What do you imagine when you think of Australia? It's a country with so many different stories. This makes our theme very broad - from a design that honours Australian native fauna, or perhaps a topic like our love of sport, to a futuristic look at where we may be in 20 or 100 years time! 

Thermaltake are supplying twenty of these chassis for this competition. For your chance to win one... read on.

Stage One: Register your interest
Email with "The great Aussie case mod competition" in the subject line.

In the body of the email: please include:

*Nick name (forum or online name - this is the name we will use when we refer to your design entry publically):
*Real name:
Phone number:
We can provide a copy of the case .cad file. If you need a copy, please let us know.
Registration Deadline: 1 August 2010

Stage Two: Submit your design
You don't need to be a graphical/autocad genius, but we need to understand what your design concept is. To enter therefore you need to provide a mock-up of what your design will essentially look like, by modifying images of the Thermaltake V9 BlacX case, or by providing sketches

In the email please include a description of your design in words (150 words minimum).

To improve your entry, you can include up to six images. Images: max. 400kb each. jpg or png.

Entries may provide portfolio examples of other works they have completed in the past, which can be either previous case mods, or other artistic endeavours, such as airbrush art, paintings, sculpture, etc.
Email all entries to
Entries, nick names, proposed case mod names, and your state of residence will be made public on 

Deadline: 16 August 2010. You can submit your entry any time after you have registered, from 1 July 2010.

Stage Three: The top 20
The top 20 entries, as judged by the panel, will be supplied with a Thermaltake V9 BlacX to mod with their proposed design and have a chance to win the grand prize at the ECP in Sydney 2010. 
Top 20 announced: 23 August 2010

Stage Four: ECP judgment
ECP will be held in late 2010 giving you over four months to realize your design.
All V9s will be shipped to the final event at the expense of the ECP, whether they are finished or unfinished! All V9 mods will be returned to the entrant at the expense of the ECP after the event, judging and photos are completed.
The winner of The Great Aussie Case Mod Competition will walk away with the grand prize of cash and or prizes to be announced at a later date.
Event: TBA - end of 2010

Conditions of Entry
Competitors must live in Australia or one of its territories. The V9 BlacX mod entries will not be shipped outside of Australia. All V9 BlacX will need to be made appropriately packaged for shipping to EPC to be eligible for the final prize.
The great Aussie case mod competition is a demonstration of skill and not a competition of chance. Winners will be judged and chosen by a panel of industry illuminate including sponsors, organisers and media. Please note that judges, organisers and sponsors and their families are not eligible to enter the competition. 
Competitors must provide a real name and a shipping address. Legal identification may be required from the winners to receive their prize.
Only one entry per person is allowed.
The judges, organisers and sponsors reserve the right to disqualify any design entry at their own discretion.

And what's more, Atomic's getting hold of a case so that we can make an official entry of our own. We'd love the Atomic case mod to be a real community effort, so if you've got some ideas on how to best express Atomic in case form, or want to get in on the modding and building of our entry, let me know.


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