Geek Chic: Top 5 wearable tech

Geek Chic: Top 5 wearable tech

There's nothing like tech togs to let everyone know you're an honorary geek. Didn't you get the memo? Geek chic is in.

Wear your geeky heart on your sleeve with these clothing gizmos and fashion accessories. Most of this stuff can be ordered online through a quick Google search (just be mindful of International shipping costs.)

Wi-Fi USB Flash Drive Cufflinks


Weave a little tech into your three-piece suit with these Wi-fi capable cufflinks. Not only will they make you feel every bit the spy, but their smooth polished silver design will add a touch of geek cred to any boardroom.

This geeky cuff candy lets you create your own Wi-Fi hotspot when it's plugged into a laptop or PC – plus you get 2GB of USB storage. It's the ideal accessory for fashion conscious geeks.

Adidas adiZero F50 miCoach Football Boot

Want to see how you measure up against the likes of Messi and Ronaldo? Adidas is ready to make you feel totally inadequate. Making full use of the company's sporty miCoach tech, the F50 footy boots let amateur footballers record and analyse their foot work by monitoring speed, distance covered and work rate.

The removable MiCoach sensor wirelessly transfers your stats to your computer, smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth, so you'll be able to prove you really could have made it pro.

Heatsox 12 Hour Heated Socks


Doubling up on socks can only keep you toasty for so long in the current frosty conditions before the inevitable numbness kicks in. Could heated socks be the end to our frozen toes woes? The makers of these 12 Hour Heated Socks certainly think so.


A battery-powered heating element in the padded area of each toe has low and high settings, so they won't overheat and will keep your tootsies warm for 12 hours on low and 10 hours on the high setting.

Brompton Oratory Jacket

You can tell just by looking at the Brompton Oratory that it's no ordinary jacket. In keeping with its transforming overpriced bike, Brompton's jacket is also of the transforming (and overpriced) variety. Combining biking gear with gentleman chic, this is a jacket designed to be practical for pedaling, while remaining stylish and smart on foot.

Crafted from cotton coated with silicon to ensure water runs staright off it, there's not a patch of spandex to be found. A headphone cable channel takes care of entertainment, while fold-out sleeves, reflective cuff extensions and a high-visibility flap for your backside keeps you safe while you're pedaling hell for leather.

Posture Suspenders

As many of us know all too well, sitting at your desk for lengthy periods of time can wreak havoc on your posture. While you could employ someone to whip you each time your posture slips into that of a moody adolescent, there is a less masochistic solution: Posture Suspenders.

Created by a student from Denmark, the Posture Suspenders will deliver a real-time vibration to remind you to straighten up when they detect slouching. They're not for sale, though. If you want in you'll have to build your own using an Arduino Pro Mini micro-controller board, a normal pair of suspenders, an XeBee wireless radio and a 3.6 volt battery. It might not improve your wardrobe, but they'll certainly improve your posture. 


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