Games, grog and (no) girls: launches gaming bar

Games, grog and (no) girls: launches gaming bar

Raunchy games website launches a three story bar in Adelaide, though the emphasis will be on gaming, not women. 

PiMP.TV has launched a new gaming bar that combines two of Australia's favourite pastimes - gaming and social drinking.

The Pimp Pad is a 'Gamers Bar and Lounge' that follows a similar template to the Mana Bar in Brisbane and Melbourne, although it does so on a much larger scale.

The establishment comprises three stories, where gamers can come for a meal and drink while checking out the latest games on PC, Xbox 360, iPad and PlayStation 3.


The Pimp Pad has been suitably 'pimped out' by grafitti artist Fredrock.

The venue reportedly has the capacity to hold "hundreds" of gamers with plans to hold national competitions and video game launch events in the near future.

Customers can order food and drinks direct from their PC and have them delivered without interrupting their gaming (hopefully the keyboards will be fortified for beer spills, which we imagine will be a frequent occurrence).

The PiMP Pad inludes plenty of gaming gear, including high-end Origin PCs.'s chief marketing executive, Aron Jackson, told PC & Tech Authority that he was "pumped" to provide Adelaide gamers with a fresh gaming hangout. 

"We invite everyone to come and check it out and take up the free membership this month as well as give us their feedback on the new venue," Aron said.

Here's a rundown of what's inside:

Level 1

* Kitchen / Bar, with hot and cold food available.
* HD TV Displays
* Pimp lounges and seating
* Xbox / PS3 setups
* iPad hire available.

Level 2

* Lounge area overlooking level 1
* Xbox 360 / PS3 setups + tournament area
* Gaming PC setup

Level 3

* PC gaming area, with 55 high performance Origin PC systems
* Two Private LAN rooms available for clans/teams to hire.

For those unfamilar with the brand, PiMP.TV is a gaming news website best known for its unfeasibly busty presenters. Check out the video below for a typical example:

Fans of would be excused for expecting a Hooters-style bar filled with skimpy waitresses and impromptu tabletop dancing. But this is not the case. "That won't be the Pimp Pad's focus," explained Aron. "We need to get girls in there too, so busty barmaids probably isn't the way to go."

The PiMP Pad is located at 13 Franklin St, Adelaide 5000 and is currently open to the public for 'beta' testing. Opening hours are 8am - late (Mon-Fri), 11am - late (Sat) and 2pm - late (Sun).

 The Pimp Pad is offering free membership and gaming hours during its first month of operation. Games will then start at $3 per hour, although those who bulk-buy will receive a discount.

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