Exclusive: Cast interview with Karl 'Bones Urban from JJ Abrams Star Trek

Exclusive: Cast interview with Karl 'Bones Urban from JJ Abrams Star Trek
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Dan Long: You've spoken about working with JJ. You've probably had other interesting experiences with other directors before. You said this was one of the best experiences you had. What makes working under JJ different and what does he bring to the set that makes it so enjoyable?

Karl Urban: JJ creates an environment that is fun, friendly, loose, entertaining - yet hyper focused. He works with the same crew, the same crew from Mission Impossible, the same crew that's done a bunch of stuff with, so they're like a well-oiled machine and they know what they're doing - which is awesome. We get the luxury of trying to deliver the best performances that we can.

Dan Long:  Are you a gadget sort of guy? Is there anything you must have with you in your trailer on set?

Karl Urban: I love iPods, love my Apple Mac.

Dan Long:  You're a Mac guy then?

Karl Urban: Yeah, I'm a Mac guy. But beyond that, I don't even have a cell phone (laughs).

Dan Long:  So, in a way, you're a bit like your character at the start of Trek?

Karl Urban: Yeah (laughs). Maybe, I just don't like to be bothered?

Dan Long: That's probably a lot of actors.

Karl Urban: Yeah.

Dan Long:  There was a great deal of technology in Trek, along with some amazing special effects/CGI. But it looks like JJ has built a good amount of physical, practical sets. Did you have to work with much green screen and was that a challenge as an actor?

Karl Urban: Not much, it was there, but as you said - he built a lot of practical sets. The bridge of the Enterprise was just phenomenal. When we walked on that for the first time, there were 100 plasmas, and the graphics are constantly changing, buttons and lights that are doing a million little things.

Dan Long:  So, that must be much easier to work with than some other sci-fi films, particularly the Star War Prequels - where the actors are virtually in one large room with a massive greenscreen, and they have to imagine what's happening around themselves.

Karl Urban:  Well, yeah. They have to try and imagine the whole thing....

Dan Long:  And JJ's done much of the job for you in terms of helping you to engage your character by building these beautiful sets to give you the sense of what its likes to be on something like the Enterprise.

Karl Urban: Well, you know what with JJ?  He reminds me a lot of Peter Jackson. In the sense that he too, went to extraordinary lengths to physically create environments to which his characters would inhabit. I think what's he really done is to expand the scale and scope of Star Trek. Have you even seen an engineering room quite like that?

Dan Long:  The sets were pretty amazing.

Karl Urban: This is like Star Trek you've never seen before.

Dan Long:  There are rumours of you doing Tron 2.0 floating around online. Any truth to those?

Karl Urban: Those are not true, not true.

Dan Long: Paramount has already greenlit the sequel. How do you feel about being typecast as Bones. Does it scare you that Star Trek has such as a fanatical fan base attached to it, that you might only be seen as that 'Bones guy'? How do you work around that as an actor?

Karl Urban:  I think if it bothered me, I wouldn't have accepted the role. You know what? My hope is that this film is embraced and loved as much as we love it and that the people enjoy viewing it, as much as we enjoyed making it. And if we're fortunate enough to be in the position where we can continue this legacy, where we can continue making these films, I will definitely be there.  I had such a fun time on this.

Dan Long:  Karl Urban, thanks for the interview

Karl Urban: Thanks mate, no problem.


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