Apple announces 3D Touch iPhone 6s and enormous iPad Pro

Apple announces 3D Touch iPhone 6s and enormous iPad Pro

The iPhone 6s steals the show, but the iPad Pro is also worthy of attention

3D Touch! Apple Pencil! 12 megapixels! Rose gold finish! These are just a few of the words likely to have been floating around your social networks last night as Apple lifted the lid on both the iPhone 6s and iPad Pro.

iPhone 6s


iPhone 6s review - 3D Touch

3D Touch lets you push down on the screen to bring up more options, from pulling up new menus to activating shortcuts. On stage they demonstrated this by showing a message about a flight, and 3D Touch was used to “peer” into the content of the message to bring up specific flight information. This word “peer” was used consistently throughout the presentation. Apple is being clever in creating a language that helps users conceptualise a feature that essentially adds a Z-axis to your touchscreen. Or you can think of it as a right-click for your phone.

The iPhone 6s keeps the same 4.7in display as the iPhone 6, with the biggest design news being the addition of rose gold to the available colours. The phone is also being made with a custom aluminium alloy and the Ion-X glass used in the Apple Watch. With 3D Touch encouraging people to press hard on their screens, it makes sense for Apple to want to strengthen the phone.

Aside from 3D Touch, one of the most noteworthy additions to the iPhone 6s is a new 12-megapixel camera. That figure isn't the most impressive – the Samsung Galaxy S6 has a 16-megapixel camera – but Apple says it uses something called Deep Trench Isolation to improve colour replication. The camera can also take 4K videos as well as Live Photos – ultra-short videos that turn your shots into moving Harry Potter-esque portraits.

As for the front camera, that's getting five megapixels as well as a Retina Flash, which amps up the brightness on the display to three times its normal level.

Apple iPhone 6s review: Front, from an angle

In terms of the processor, the iPhone 6s will run on the Apple A9 chip, which is apparently 70% faster at CPU tasks and 90% faster at GPU tasks than the current A8 chip. It also comes with an integrated M9 motion compressor.

As for pricing, the iPhone 6s starts from $199 while the iPhone 6s Plus starts from $299. It will be released on 25 September. For more details, check out our hands-on review.

iPad Pro

The iPhone 6s may have stolen the show, but Apple's enormous iPad Pro is also worthy of attention. After a demonstration with Microsoft and Adobe that underlined the “Pro” in iPad Pro, we got to see some of the device's cool new features.

ipad pro main

Size-wise, the iPad Pro has a 12.9in screen (diagonal), chock full of 5.6 million pixels – more pixels than the MacBook Pro with Retina display. It is 6.9mm thick, weighs 713g, has four speakers and a ten-hour battery life.

Apart from its hefty size, the biggest additions to the Pro model are its accessories – namely the Apple Pencil and the Apple Smart Keyboard. Apple seem to be taking a page out of Microsoft's book here, both from the keyboard on the Surface Pro 3 and Microsoft's Surface Pen. The keyboard magnetically attaches to the iPad Pro's Smart Connector port, while the pressure-sensitive Apple Pencil is charged via a Lightning connector on the iPad. 

For more information, check out our hands-on review.

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