Adelaide Council slaps the 'pimp' out of PiMP Pad

Adelaide Council slaps the 'pimp' out of PiMP Pad

Gaming bar gains booze, loses branding.

South Australia’s first gaming bar has finally been issued a liquor license from the SA Liquor Licensing Court after agreeing to drop 'PiMP' from its name.

As per the terms of the new agreement, the Adelaide City-based venue formerly known as ‘The PiMP Pad’ has rebranded itself 'The Pad Gamers Bar & Lounge' to better fit community standards.

The rechristened bar is run by the owners of the popular gaming website, who have effectively been forced to remove all company branding from their own establishment.   

"The word ‘pimp’ has always meant ‘cool’ or ‘hyped up’ to the youth of today... However, we are aware that some people may not understand the social context surrounding the use of the word," Peter Russ, Managing Director of the Pad Gamers Bar & Lounge said in a statement.

In addition to the name change, the venue was also required to move its entrance from Franklin Street to Morialta Street due to the former’s close proximity to Eynesbury College high school.

The Adelaide PiMP Pad: soon to be slightly less 'pimping'.


The granting of a liquor license comes after nearly a year of council wrangling, which saw the venue blasted as an 'adult entertainment venue' (Adelaide City Council Meeting - Minutes - 23 August 2011a), with concerns raised about gamers urinating and defecating in the streets

One of the venue’s sharpest critics was Adelaide City councillor Anne Moran, who told PC & Tech Authority in 2011 that she feared the venue would "morph into an establishment where women serve drinks in pink bikinis." 

Eynesbury College representives were also concerned about the "human waste effect" that patrons lining up to enter the bar would cause to the surrounding area. 

"There were concerns that if we had a big queue -- which we never have, because everyone books ahead online -- there would be people urinating and possibly defecating in and around the area," Peter Russ told PC & Tech Authority

"Who would do that sort of thing? In my mind, it describes gamers as a lower form of life. It was part of a general campaign of villification against gamers." co-founder Aron Jackson said he was thrilled that commom sense had finally prevailed.

"It's been a needlessly long road, but we got there in the end. It's a shame that gamers got collectively demonised as we were put through the wringer, but the end result is all that matters really," Jackson said.

"We can now get down to fulfilling our vision of a licensed video game venue as a social hub for the gamers of Adelaide." 

Jackson said that the changes to the venue, which includes a new front entrance and extensive rebranding, would probably cost "somewhere in the region of 10 to 15 thousand dollars."

The Pad Gamers Bar & Lounge will officially launch on September 15, serving liquor from 6pm on weekdays and from midday on weekends. Patrons can also check out the latest games on PC, Xbox 360, iPad and PlayStation 3 when they're not too busy drinking.

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