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Issue: 68  |  September, 2006

Core Wars: Intel Core 2 Duo vs AMD Athlon 64
Can Intel hit back at the mammoth Athlon? Core 2 Duo struts its stuff this issue, showing off its new architecture, complete with ridiculous buzzwords! We break through the hype and tell you exactly how this hot new baby performs.


PLUS: Future Vista gaming with Crysis; Hotbox of the Year; AM2 AMD motherboard roundup; Windows on Mac benchmarked; Dell 2407; Uber Linux guide; Caesar IV roundtable and more!

X-Ray: Windows on Mac
So Windows is on Macs now? We benchmarked the platform and give you the results!

Engine Room: Crysis
It's be the first game for Vista and DirectX 10 - see what you can look forward to, or just drool over the screenshots.

Hardware reviews
- Dell 2407
- Lian-Li PC-V300
- Pertelian X2040
- Swiftech H20-220-T
- Thermaltake Toughpower 750W
- Thermaltake Matrix
- Cool-Trek Vostok

Game reviews
- Prey
- Dreamfall: The Longest Journey
- Forbidden Siren 2
- CivCity: Rome

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