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Issue: 186  |  May 2013

This month we take a look into the world of Geoblocking online content like video and audio, and outline what Australians are doing to get around it. This process is known as Geo-dodging and is through VPNs, Proxy servers and browser tweaks, as well as some tricks to ensure that people can actually pay for the content they consume.

We also take a look at what makes a good Windows 8 touchscreen all-in-one PC, as well as taking an in-depth look at Blackberry's long delayed Z10 handset. We also check out Nvidia's GeForce Titan and a bunch of other new hardware products.

It is also a bumper month for games, with some newly minted classics and one monumental stinker to be found within. We have also spent some time talking with Aussie game developers about the growing importance of mobile games to a local industry that had been decimated by the high Australian dollar and numerous studio closures.

Privacy is also front and centre this month, through various articles covering issues from Facebook's new graph search, all the way through to a look at how advertising networks track your online behaviour, and what can be done about it.


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