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Issue: 123  |  February 2008

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Issue 123| Februray 2008

What's in the mag?

* XP vs. Vista
* Superguide to HTML & 3D graphics
* AMD Phenom
* Mobile browsing
* Unreal Tournament 3

What's on the DVD?
* McAfee Spamkiller 2006
* Panoweaver 3.01 Professional
* Timeshift Multiplayer
* Call of Duty 4
... and more ...

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In this month’s PC Authority we’ve some great features for you.
Vista is about to turn one year old but there’s still an enormous amount of controversy concerning its impact and, whether it’s actually better than its predecessor, Windows XP.

As contributor Tim Danton puts it, “A year on and it’s clear that there’s still a big security problem. In one month we installed security updates for Vista Gadgets, Media Player, Microsoft XML Core Services and Vector Markup Language.”

“Of course, Windows XP requires a similar number of monthly security updates. The problem for Microsoft is perception. Danton says, “Windows XP users are generally happy with their computers’ stability and security; if you asked Joe Bloggs how many security updates his system had installed in the past year, his guess would be no better than a stab in the dark. He might even guess zero, so transparent has the update process become.

So is it worth upgrading now – one year on? Read our Windows vs Vista feature to find out.

But that’s not all we’ve got this month. Bad news is also heaped on to AMD. Not only does its new quad-core Phenom processor leave us cold but its new top-end graphics card struggles to play the latest top-end games.

Speaking of games, it looks like the worlds’ armies won’t be using AMD Radeon graphics cards in their war machines. In this issue we look at the Road To War 2.0. Can we really expect real-life Unreal Tournament war bots to be driven from command centres across the globe? If you fancy doing that job, get the practice in now - you can play UT3 now in the safety and comfort of your own home. Buy the magazine this month to read our double-length review.

Nick Ross
PC Authority

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