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Issue: 150  |  May, 2010

In the May issue of PC Authority, on sale now:

Mobile broadband – every Australian network tested
We reveal the best value plans, and the fastest providers, as we test all Australian providers and their claims of more coverage, cheaper plans and bigger quotas. Find out if the hype matches reality.

Smartphones do battle!
iPhone vs Nokia, Samsung, Blackberry, HTC and more. We evaluate the performance, battery life and features of 17 of the best smartphones on the market.


Inside the iPad…
It’s been dissected, debated, and now the iPad is due to arrive in Australia this month. We look at Apple’s wonder-tablet.

Five Touchscreen PCs reviewed
The release of Windows 7 has given the touchscreen PC a new lease of life, but which of these five all-in-one models is worth a prod?

On the Disc: 3
Free, Open Source office software with all the apps you need.


On the Disc: DOS Box
Run ancient programs with this DOS emulator.


On the Disc: Blender
Create stunning 3D content with this suite of tools.


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