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Issue: 143  |  October, 2009

In the October issue of PC Authority, on sale now:

Your Ultimate Home Entertainment Box.
Instead of sitting in front of a computer to watch movies on the web into the lounge room along with digital TV and your DVD collection? From digital TV to Blu-ray, movies on demand and TV downloads, Adam Turner compares the hardware.

Massive Netbook Megatest
There is a vicious battle going on in the world of laptops. On one side sit the budget machines, on the other the burgeoning tribe of netbooks. In this group test we try a massive 25 ultraportables and provide you with our verdicts.

64-bit Windows – should you switch?
64-bit editions of Windows have been available for several years now, and most new processors are capable of running them, but the majority of us are still running a 32-bit OS. With Windows 7 about to launch, we ask if the time is right to switch.

AMD Motherboards
For power on a budget, AMD’s Phenom II processors can’t be beaten; we’ve tested four boards to partner onea with.

On the Disc: Demigod
The All-Father has vanished, creating an opening in the pantheon. Wage war to ascend to true godhood.

On the Disc: Ashes Cricket 2009
Revised, improved and better than ever - take revenge and lead the Aussies to victory.


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