What we know: The LG V30

What we know: The LG V30

LG's second stab at a slim-bezel smartphone is looking mighty fine ahead of launch.

LG used to try and keep all its announcements under wraps, a la Apple, Samsung and the rest, but in an internet-connected, @EVleaks filled world, that's practically impossible.

So ahead of its next big reveal, the company has embraced it - drip-feeding us with hints and clues about what to expect. That means we've got a really good idea what the upcoming V30 will be like.

There could still be a few surprises, though, so we've gathered all the facts, plus a whole heap of rumour and speculation, so you've got everything you need to decide if you'll be picking one up come launch day.


The V30 will almost certainly be revealed at the IFA tech show in Berlin, which kicks off over the last few days of August. LG is holding a press conference on the 31st at 9am, and has basically confirmed the V30 will be appearing, with invites to journalists mentioning the phone specifically.

So far, only Korea seems a lock for the phone, with a release date pencilled in for the 15th of September.

It should then go on general sale later in the month, potentially on the 28th, although with Samsung's Galaxy Note 8 and the iPhone 88 both expected to arrive in September too, LG might decide to wait it out and go later in other parts of the world, to avoid direct competition. 


LG might not have revealed the final design of the V30 just yet, but we've got a pretty good idea what it'll look like: think a G6, only bigger, and with a bit more polish. Leaked videos from an LG partner program (pioneered by Hollywood actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt of all people) has already shown off the finished design, and that matches what we've heard so far.

That means a fingerprint sensor on the back of the phone, big screen up front with minimal bezels, and a rounded, metal frame around the edge.

LG has also confirmed it will be using a P-OLED display, the first time LG has used its own OLED panels in a smartphone since the banana-shaped G Flex 2 a few years ago. It will be a 6in panel here, with a 2880x1440 resolution and support for HDR10 video. An 18:9 aspect ratio is all but guaranteed.

The one thing that isn't, though? The secondary 'ticker' display seen on last year's V20. LG has revealed aspects of the software, including a new floating notification bar and adjusted always-on display mode, neither of which seem to have any use for a secondary screen. Expect just a single panel here.

LG is hyping up virtual reality here, too, so expect it to arrive with Google Daydream support.


The V30 is almost guaranteed to be LG's fastest phone to date, with a Snapdragon 835 CPU doing the heavy lifting. The G6 made do with an outdated Snapdragon 821 when it launched earlier this year, so this should be a welcome step up that helps LG keep pace with the rest of the smartphone world.

RAM is expected to top out at 4GB of RAM, at least for the version with 64GB of storage. There could be a more expensive 128GB edition, which will increase memory to 6GB.

Expect battery to top out at 3200mAh, which doesn't sound huge, but given the 18:9 aspect ratio, there ain't much room left over to fit one in.


LG used a similar twin camera setup to the G5 when it released the V20 last year, so expect the V30 to follow in the footsteps of the G6. Only with a few improvements.

A press release confirmed as such, revealing the V30 would use an f/1.6 aperture camera lens. That would make it the first smartphone with such a wide aperture, which should help out when it comes to low-light shooting. The dual cameras will likely stick around, with an extra-wide angle lens in addition to the main sensor. 


The biggest unexpected rumour to date is the promise of advanced haptic feedback. Immersion, a company specialising in the tech, has promised the its 'HD TouchSense' system will be making an appearance in the V30. It should be a step up from regular old haptics, so that "in the camera app, when you take a picture you feel a shutter click, just like a DSLR; when you adjust camera settings, it feels like you’re spinning a finely tuned mechanical knob."

It seems like IP68 dust and water resistance could be on the cards, too, and the 3.5mm headphone jack shouldn't be going anywhere either. Thank goodness.

Finally, there should also be a plus-sized model. The V30 Plus has been rumoured by Korean website ETNews, but it apparently won't be launched anywhere outside of Korea.


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