TomTom GPS Buyer's Guide: Which GPS is Best?

TomTom GPS Buyer's Guide: Which GPS is Best?
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Still unsure about what GPS is best? Our buyer's guide compares each TomTom model on the market, including TomTom's newest GPS models.

According to TomTom, there are currently over eleven different models available for purchase (or twelve, if you count the $799 TomTom Rider, designed specifically for motorcycles, but which has not been included in this guide).

This figure also includes a number of new models that were just announced recently, including a new TomTom Go 930 and TomTom Go 730.

The range - $299 to $949

TomTom models range in price from $299 for the 3.5” mini-sized TomTom ONE, to the top of line EPT (accelerometer) powered 4.3” widescreen GO 930 for $849(see our review of the TomTom GO 930), or $100 extra for the traffic equipped GO 930. In between, there are a wealth of choices to tempt your wallet, so we’ve narrowed down the list into cheap, middle range and premium models to make it easier.

All TomTom models are powered by Whereis mapping software. Safety camera alerts (red light cameras, speeding cameras, school zones) are also standard on every model across the range now too.

NB: The model names in this buyers guide are taken from the offical TomTom website. After speaking to a TomTom rep for this story, TomTom admitted that they were in the process of making some of their model names clearer and we're hoping it happens sooner rather than later, because at times, it can get confusing.

TMC connections - traffic updates

As yet, the TMC antenna is only available on the more expensive TomTom models and you’ll need to live in Brisbane, Melbourne or Sydney to have any chance to receive the reports. And no matter which way you slice it, you’ll still need to spend more money to take advantage of the newly launched technology. The TMC antenna costs around $100 extra in each model across the range.


Starting with the least expensive model, the well-priced and much loved TomTom ONE remains a shining star in the range. The ONE has been a solid fixture on our A-list for the best part of a year now, so there’s no shortage of quality (or praise) surrounding this device. It’s also available in two different models – the TomTom ONE (3rd edition - see our review) and the newer, more stylish NEW TomTom ONE, which some retailers are calling the 4th edition, just to confuse.

The 'New TomTom ONE' (V.4) costs the same as the TomTom ONE Version 3 ($299 RRP), but has the benefit of a slimming redesign, which makes it easier to attach to your window using the versatile ‘EasyPort’ mount. Better still, the TomTom ONE supports the really useful Map Share technology, which updates your map and POI data via TomTom user submissions over the net.

Both TomTom ONE models are devoid of the flashier gadgetry that resides within the more expensive GPS units (new TomTom GO 730 for example) including Bluetooth & FM/media players, and that's just why we like this model.

Who should buy TomTom ONE?
The ONE models are recommended for those who want their GPS devices as simple as possible and for moving quickly from A to B with minimum fuss. They can be found much cheaper than the stated RRP too – which makes them the standard go-to GPS for quality and price in our opinion.

TomTom ONE (v4), our entry-level TomTom pick for those that don't want traffic updates, with EasyPort windscreen mount and Map sharing for $299 RRP.
TomTom ONE (v4), our entry-level TomTom pick for those that don't want traffic updates, with a redesign EasyPort windscreen mount and Map sharing for $299 RRP.
Our pick - New ONE v4

A quick search online found the newer ONE (which is being listed as the ONE 4th edition) as cheap as $257.65 at Shopping square. At these prices, it would be crazy not to go with the slimmer New ONE (v4), as it represents excellent value for money over the ONE V3.

However, the ONE models are still missing a very sought after function - a traffic antenna (TMC-RMT) for connection to local traffic reports & updates, delivered from SUNA and remain entry level models because of this.

TOMTOM Model New - ONE (V4)
ONE 3rd Edition
3.5" Widescreen X X  
4.3" Widescreen     X
Latest Map Guarantee (Whereis) X X X
EasyPort Mount X    
Map Share X    
Text to Speech X    
Advanced Lane Guidance      
IQ Routes      
Safety Cams X X X
Voice Address Input      
FM Tuner      
Bundled Int. Maps      
Traffic Antenna (TMC)      
Enhanced Positioning Tech (EMT)      

See the full TomTom product range comparision here
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