The SNES Mini games that we wish were

The SNES Mini games that we wish were
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There's no doubt that Nintendo managed to pick a fine selection for that miniature SNES releasing later this year, but they hardly exhausted the original console's catalog...

Hey, this was bound to happen. Some stuff that you really like gets left behind. But what stuff? Nintendo did a fine job of gathering the classics, afterall.

While there is one game that really sticks out, there are numerous other SNES titles that we wish could also have been crammed onto the machine. 

Starting with...

Chrono Trigger

You know that game that really sticks out? Yeah, this is it - and it really sticks out. Chrono Trigger has been re-released before, and it has always stood up as one of the finest console RPGs ever made. Sure, we get a very good Final Fantasy in the official collection, but there is something very special about the immediate pacing and story twists found in Chrono.

Donkey Kong Country 2

It isn't our intent to suggest that any of these games should replace any of those already included, but if that had to be the case then we'd probably be happy for this one to fall from the sky and squash its predecessor. Simply put, the original DKC certainly had the wow factor, and is important for that reason, but this was the better game.

Demon's Crest

This game has become something of a saught-after rarity over time, which would be odd since it's on the Wii U eshop if not for the fact that next to nobody bought a Wii U. It's a cool late addition to the SNES lineup, though, and would be very welcome to introduce itself to many players for the first time if it could be included.

Wild Guns

Another late-ish SNES entry, Wild Guns is a pretty unique steampunk Western. The fact that it's a 'shooting gallery' is a mark against it, but it is a pretty fun one, especially if you bring a friend along.


This one polarised a lot of people, but holy damn if it isn't at least unique! A game where you steer unmanned unicicles around crazy, bendy tracks that look like they've been constructed from those novelty-flavoured candy canes isn't the sort of thing you see today, but we kind of wish it was.

DoReMi Fantasy

Okay, yes - this one didn't get a release in the West. But you know what? Starfox 2 didn't get a release at all, and that didn't stop it from being included in the for real, coming-soon-to-retail box! Truth is, we've not played this, but it looks absolutely charming and we would love a chance to try it out via a legit means.

Harvest Moon

Cute farming games have come a long way since the original Harvest Moon hit the SNES late in its life, true - just look at Stardew Valley! - but this is still the original in a franchise that has had ups and downs since (this is one of the ups). It's quite simple, but very playable and can still catch players unaware with just-one-more-go-itis.

Super Mario All Stars

Go ahead and accuse us of cheating here - but there's more to this than just getting a bunch of best games from the NES. This is the game (err, compilation) that almost everyone we knew who had a SNES got it with. More so than even Zelda, for a lot of us this is where the true nostalgia sleeps.

Sim City 2000

Not the most obvious fit for a console that didn't even output at a SD television's native resolution, but a fascinating bit of history. Legend has it that Miyamoto was so in love with the PC original that, well... that the SNES version happened.


ActRaiser is hardly the prettiest game on the SNES, but the fact here is that we chose it for the final slot over a game that does much more to push Nintendo's 16-bit hardware. ActRaiser is, very simple, a good, fun side scrolling action adventure that deserves a chance at a little more attention.

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