Super Smash Bros. Fix for Addicts

Super Smash Bros. Fix for Addicts
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From tournament battles to memes, docos to live action renditions - we've put together a collection of Smash Bros. goodies to get you through the final hours before release.

For those with the fever, the last few days are the hardest. Cold sweats, a restless mind, and a tendency to stray towards related videos and imagery are all sure signs of the pre-releasy's. Believe me, I know. Super Smash Bros. for Wii U is almost upon us and I'm losing my gorramn mind. To help get you (and me) get through the last few days we've collected a bunch of assorted Smash Bros. content that you may have missed, forgot about or never really knew you needed. Enjoy!

WARNING: The following content may actually work to increase fever. If symptoms persist, rush to your nearest console and revisit previous SSB titles.

There Will Be Brawl

The ten webisode film noir take on the Super Smash Bros. universe grabs our favourite characters and dumps them in the gritty cesspool of a crumbling Mushroom Kingdom. Having been released in 2009, the series is based on the Brawl lineup so don't expect any new challengers to appear (although a homicidal Villager would be the perfect villain). Instead an enterprising Wario, a down and out Luigi and a dramatic Nintendo-inspired score makes this live-action gem well worth your time. Check the following for a full list of episodes.


Ike Quotes

Remember your mate Ike? That blue haired sword wielder that replaced that kinda similar red-haired sword wielder, only instead of having teh ph1r3 he had EXTREME SMASH POWER. Well, he also says a bunch of lame things that the internet have jumped all over.  But don't blame the guy, it's really not his fault - it's just a case of being lost in translation. For example,「守るべき者のため戦うだけだ」or "I simply fight for those I must protect" has been translated to the derp-ish "I fight for my friends". Below are some of the more notable "Ike says" images.


Some of the Greatest Battles You've Ever Seen

If you're the no nonsense kind then you're here for the battles - so let's get straight to the biscuits. Below are some of the most epic Smash fights ever to grace the internet. To start with, let's take a look at a few TAS (Tool Assisted Smash) battles.

Round1: Snake vs. Meta Knight

The unstoppable Senpai Snake makes use of his never ending ^B here while Dark Senpai Meta Knight flits in and out of sight with his incredible speed. Watch and learn.

Round 2: Fox vs. Falco - Sudden Death

Brawl is often looked down upon for being too slow in comparison to Melee, but this TAS Sudden Death round reaches DBZ heights heights of insanity.

Much fast, so skill - it almost blows the mind.

Continue onto the next page for epic tournament matches, the Smash Bros. doco and more!

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