PLE and the PC gaming community

PLE and the PC gaming community

Sponsored You saw them at Upgrade Australia, but PLE has a range of events all its own!

You probably know PLE Computers as an Australia-wide network of stores selling a huge range of PC gear, all backed up by a comprehensive website offering just about anything you will need for your PC, with easy online shopping and fast, trouble-free delivery.
But there’s more to PLE. The people behind the scenes love to get involved with Aussie gamers, it’s their passion, and it’s backed up by a long history of supporting the Australian gaming scene. 

PLE support the community in many ways. They’re there at the frontlines at many events and tournaments, backing Aussie gamers with prizes and gear. In just the last year PLE provided over $50,000 worth or prizes across the country at various gaming events, big and small. As PLE’s Anthony Hollingsworth explains. “At PLE we are passionate about community engagement. When we sponsor an event we’re not the type to just write a cheque and move on, we like to get our hands dirty and get involved with the event so we can provide a valued contribution. In addition to high profile events like PAX AUS, we provide support to and attend numerous local LAN gaming events. That is what separates us from the pack, actually being involved.”


Here are just a few of the events PLE were part of recently:

FlaktestGaming National Interschool eSports League

A strong alliance between the FlaktestGaming organisers and PLE Computers has resulted in this fantastic event taking off big time. The big grand final will be held in Perth, with eastern state teams flown in to participate. 

Anthony Hollingsworth explains PLE’s desire to be involved. “We are extremely proud of the improvements that Flaktest have been able to make to the Australian gaming community, school environments and lives of the students and families involved. As a very community minded company, when Brett first approached us to get involved with Interschool eSports we immediately connected with the idea and the opportunity for schools to play an important positive role in changing the community opinion of gamers”


Held in Perth, RFLan attracted a massive 900 gamers! It’s Australia’s largest LAN party and is held every school holidays at Curtin University.


This Melbourne event brought 300 gamers together at the Aspendale Gardens Community Centre, as it does every school holidays. Lanslide is widely known as Victoria’s best bring-your-own-PC LAN party and of course PLE was there.

These are just a few ways PLE supports the community, in addition PLE supports numerous smaller LAN parties, regional events and computer groups, including:

  • Relief LAN
  • Lan of the Damned
  • University of Wollongong VGA Fest
  • GGF Lan
  • Melbourne PC User Group 
  • Curtin University ComSSA Student group
  • Australian PC Gaming and Enthusiasts group

And of course, Upgrade Australia! So come along and meet the people at PLE, see the latest gear and have some fun.

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