Upgrade Australia was a mighty good time, here's the photo gallery!

See the fun, feel the vibes, gawk at the gear, see yourself if you were there.

The crowd gathers outside. "LET ME IN I'M READY NOW!"
Drinks station at the ready.
Asus' Josh Collins conducting final stage system checks. Everything working Josh? No stress mate.
PLE racing engineers ensuring the grid is ready to rock.
The F-16 flight sim (NOT A GAME) ready for battle.
Corsair stand with goodies good to go.
Who doesn't want this? We want this.
Intel brought along a 3D LASER HEAD SCANNING CRYSTAL-MAKING THING. It was incredible.
Here it is replicating a human in virtual form.
The procedure was completely painless. Unless you were a lump of crystal. In which case some minor permanent tissue scarring ensued...
This man's soul was captured. For science. Re-animation experiments are proceeding in the Labs.
A collection of crystal skulls. IIIINNNNNDDDYYYYYYY!
David Hollingworth, Nextmedia's Digital Editor and superstar event MC entertains and informs, while simultaneously looking swish in his 3-piece finery.
Team Intel. That's Graham on the left.
PLE's Hannah chit chats to Next's Sean and Cam.
Industry PR-types Matthew Wu and Renato Catalan schmooze it up with our Technical Editor Bennett Ring, who is alert but not alarmed. THEY ALWAYS WANT SOMETHING FROM YOU BENNETT.
Ashton Mills, legendary Aussie tech journo and former Atomic editor, now with the Australian Computer Society encourages a bright future in IT as a career choice to eager recruits.
The pro gamer deep in a calm Zen headspace, oblivious to his surroundings as he summons up some force to properly obliterate all challengers.
GAME ON! The man is not a man. He is a machine of merciless destruction. HAVE AT YOU! OH YOU WANT SOME?
Racing in 4K at the PLE stand, with a fancy racing seat up fro grabs to the fastest lap. Crispy road delights.
Friendly PCTA readers and long-time PCPP readers. Lovely to see you there.
The thirst satiation station in a flurry of beer distribution. OH YOU WANT ONE?!
Hardcore gaming at the LAN.
Katherine from In Win and Synnex's Lambo telling us how much they're enjoying the festive vibe.
Mine. Mine. Mine. Mine. Mine. Mine. Mine. Mine. Mine. Mine. Mine. Mine. Mine. Mine. Mine. Mine. Mine. Mine. Mine. Mine. Mine. Mine. Mine. Mine.
Intel's Graham Tucker painting a picture of a glorious technical innovation.
The man is a legend of technical knowledge. There is NOTHING he doesn't know, and the audience lapped it up.
My go next.
In the zone. He doesn't even know we're there.
Bennett just happened to be wandering by, photo bombing ensued.
Steelseries gear. So sweet.
Thumbs up guys, oh what a night.
Josh explaining the good Asus stuff.
ACS' Ashton helping with some friendly advice.
I love it here. Do it again, Nextmedia!
"We're not leaving. Too much fun. We're telling ALL our friends to come to the next one."
Focus at 100%.
David gives people things. Many things were given, much happiness was made. HERE, HAVE SOME HAPPINESS.
Listening, learning, laughing. So good.
Josh and Asus friends run through a pro-case modding demo.
Pro modder legend Stuart Tonks.
What's so funny, Dino?
Gigabyte's Dino and Steelseries' Tony yapping it up. That's our Cam in the middle. Good job, Cam.
Scuse me mind if I take a photo?
Jack scored a Witcher 2 Collector's box AUTOGRAPHED BY THE DEVS. Whoa. Mighty.
Check this thing out.
Check THIS thing out. We had case mods a la supreme.
More proof that HL3 is just around the corner. Oh Valve, so clever, even planting clues on a fella's shirt.
So much to see and do.
Corsair Chris demos like a boss.
So good, Corsair, I feel a fist pump coming on...
The Gigabyte Dino show.
Steelseries' Tony bangs out a rap on stage.
This is what four hours of beer and awesome cool stuff does to people's faces.
PCTA ed Ben Mansill telling a terrifically funny joke. GOOD ONE BEN.
Ashton delivers a crowd-pleasing moment.
"Green leader this is Tango Down, I am READY TO ROCK!"
An interesting exchange of information, and a couple of itchy chins.
"In this box the electrical components glow like a quasar."
More freebies.
"We're just happy to be here."
David Hollingworth presents Intel's Graham Tucker with SSD of the Year award.
Let me die. I have given my all.
Mad pro skills at play here. Phwoar.
So happy. Must fist pump...
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