Top 10 Misc PCs & Laptops in July

PC & Tech Authority's Top 10s are ranked according to review scores and site traffic over a 12 month period. Basically, these products are have hit a chord with us, with Google searches, and stuff that people generally like. In other words, this list shows which products are receiving the most interest from readers on our site.

Review: Raspberry Pi Zero W DIY PC

The teeniest, tiniest DIY computer board around gets a very welcome wireless upgrade.


Review: Shuttle DX30 Barebones mini-PC

A pleasant little 4K surprise.


Review: Next Thing Co CHIP computer

A solid device for wireless projects, but add-ons and shipping undermine its attention-grabbing price.


One Minute Review: Belkin Thunderbolt 2 Express Dock HD

Belkin's upgraded dock finally comes with its most vital component.


Review: Asus VivoMini VC66R SFF PC

Small form factor; oversized price tag.


Review: Kano Computer Kit bundle

The “build it yourself” billing may not be 100% accurate, but these kits are redeemed by excellent software.


Review: HP Pavilion Wave 600-a051a

Looks good from afar, but is far from good.

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