Top 10 High End Laptops in February

PC & Tech Authority's Top 10s are ranked according to review scores and site traffic over a 12 month period. Basically, these products are have hit a chord with us, with Google searches, and stuff that people generally like. In other words, this list shows which products are receiving the most interest from readers on our site.

Review: Apple MacBook Pro

The best 13in and 15in laptops on the planet – a fact that’s more than reflected in the price.


Review: Venom's BlackBook 13 Zero is Australian-designed, and powerful to boot

"It doesn’t aim to be the cheapest laptop around, or double as a tablet, or even promise unrealistic gaming performance."


Review: HP ZBook Studio G3

The iron fist of a workstation clad in a velvet glove of stylish design.


HP Spectre 13 review: Ultra-thin and ultra-lovely

HP's Spectre 13 is probably the prettiest Windows ultraportable to ever roll off a production line

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