Rumour: Amazon to unveil a colour ebook reader, Kindle Fire 2

Rumour: Amazon to unveil a colour ebook reader, Kindle Fire 2
E Ink is taking orders on colour displays meaning you could be reading your next PC & Tech Authority magazine on an eReader.

E Ink Holdings – who we interviewed and revealed is making a colour ebook reader – has just taken an order from Amazon for 6in colour ebook readers shipping in March.

With an order of more than 3 million a month it’s likely this one will reach Australia, unlike the Kindle Fire. No word on pricing or a release date but it’s likely you’ll be ereading in colour shortly after March if shipping details are true.

In other Kindle news, the Kindle Fire 2 could be shipping into your twitching fingers as soon as May.

The Amazon Kindle Fire 2, a 10in tablet with greater specs than its predecessor but similar low price, is in the making at Foxconn right now according to Digitimes.  We’re expecting it to land (hopefully in Australia and not only the US) around May 2012 and to cost about US$200.

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