BenQ's M2700HD monitor offers 27inches at a resonable price

BenQ's M2700HD monitor offers 27inches at a resonable price
27 inches of monitor at an excellent price; with connections galore for your media centre setup

The last batch of BenQ monitors we saw covered the gamut from excellent value to excellent quality, with some doing both well enough to earn them a spot on the A-List.

This year, BenQ is focusing most of its efforts on LED screens, with only 24in and 27in panels now LCD.

The M2700 is the ‘multimedia' monitor in the range. Its design isn't the most prepossessing we've seen, but its simple piano-black surround with clear plastic bezel is pleasing to the eye. The full-width speaker rests below the clear plastic bezel at the front.

BenQ has opted for a push-button system to switch between different monitor colour settings for gaming, movies, photography mode, sRGB, eco and standard.

The buttons aren't placed precisely behind their labels, and are quite small, making navigation occasionally confusing.

Moving through menus, too, was less intuitive than we would have hoped. Despite that, the level of control is good for this style of monitor, and each of the modes can be adjusted separately.

The screen quality is mostly excellent. Colour ramps were smooth, although we saw some red tinting on pale shades.

There was a sharp drop off in gradients at both ends of the monitor's dynamic range, however. We saw some blockiness during fast moving, high dynamic range movies, but most of our photos and videos showed vibrant colours, with truly neutral greys on Photo mode, and vivid, well-saturated colours for Photo, Movie and Games modes.

There's plenty of connections, too. The M2700HD comes with 2 HDMI ports, DVI-D, Composite, Component, S-video and D-Sub for video connections, and sound options include optical. In addition, there are two USB inputs and Ethernet, along with an additional 2 USB ports and a headphone jack on the side of the monitor.

You get a remote control, and BenQ intends this as a multimedia monitor, so you may want to consider it as a backup TV.

All in all, it's a well-priced, capable monitor, although it's not the outstanding value we've been used to with previous BenQ models we've seen.

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