Logitech G5 mouse

Logitech G5 mouse

The mouse from gaming nirvana gets an update.

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The wired G5 has received acclaim from gaming circles for years, and within a just a few minutes of use newcomers will see why. It’s comfortable and precise, and now newly revised.

This revision improves on its excellent predecessor by including a second thumb button and different colour scheme, but it’s still for right-handers only. The scroll wheel still includes side as well as standard scrolling and clicks with a firm and accurate action; the tactile surface ensures your hand doesn’t slip off without feeling uncomfortable.

The weight system hasn’t been changed; the mouse still ships with sixteen weights equally split between 4.5g and 1.7g. A cartridge that holds the weights slides into the base of the mouse, and in practice after slotting in your selection you feel more confident with the mouse as it becomes better grounded. If previous versions of the G5 are indicators, the large feet at the top, bottom and left of the mouse don’t wear out quickly as well as being hugely smooth.

DPI settings can be changed on the fly in hardware using two buttons underneath the scroll wheel. This steps through the increases or decreases the three sensitivity settings, which are displayed through three LEDs on the left of the mouse. Because this is a hardware change, you don’t have to install any drivers to use it and it will have the same effect on a Mac.

It’s not only handy for gamers who want slower movement when using a sniper rifle; it also comes in handy when editing video. In lieu of zooming into your timeline to make edits, you can decrease the sensitivity to make frame-accurate decisions with more precision.

The sensation of using this mouse is unrivalled, but if you plan on using it for general desktop use exclusively, be aware that the MX revolution will be more comfortable thanks to its higher arch.

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