Logitech Cordless Desktop MX 3200 Laser

Logitech Cordless Desktop MX 3200 Laser

A fine, fully-featured, high-end desktop set which is decent value at $130.

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A fine, fully-featured, high-end desktop set which is decent value at $130.

Logitech’s latest wireless desktop set consists of a very sleek-looking keyboard and a right-handed, ergonomic laser mouse. Like previous Logitech keyboards, it’s adorned with shortcut keys everywhere but mercifully they’re not big enough to make the keyboard take up lots of space on your desk. Particularly new is ‘Dynamic Search Zoom’ on the left, which is a touch-sensitive slider for scrolling and zooming. However, we found it regularly registered nothing before lurching too far forward – using the mouse’s zoom button offers more control. The [return to] ‘100%’ [magnification] button beneath it is useful though.

Other buttons let you quickly search the web or switch between documents. Vista-compatibility makes its presence felt with its Start-button icon inscribed on the Windows key and a dedicated Flip3D feature button.

A small digital readout sits at the top and either tells you the time and date, offers alarm and timer features, or counts your key strokes. At the bottom right are VoIP buttons for starting Skype and answering and ending calls. Almost everything is configurable and customisable with the simple-but-powerful SetPoint software. Ultimately, it’s a very comfortable keyboard with a comfortable ‘soft-touch’ wrist rest with some features being potentially very useful.

The mouse is very comfortable and precise: easily good enough for frantic gaming sessions if called for. It has a comfortable scrolling wheel which can be pressed and nudged from side to side, zoom buttons, a search button and two thumb-operated up-and-down buttons. All of these are again configurable via SetPoint.

Communication is via Logitech’s SecureConnect wireless technology with the preconfigured USB dongle (which sits in a stand at the end of a wired USB extension cable) simply needing to be plugged into the PC to get everything working. Our only gripe is that the mouse isn’t rechargeable. However, the two AA batteries will last for six months (the four AAs in the keyboard last 15 months). Add to this a coating of AgION antimicrobial compound and you’ve a fine, fully-featured, high-end desktop set which is decent value at $130.

This Review appeared in the December, 2006 issue of PC & Tech Authority Magazine

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