Creative WebCam Instant: Skype Edition


A decent software bundle, but has a low resolution and no integrated microphone.

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Sensor resolution (pixels) 352x288; Video frames per second (max) 30; Cable length (m) 1.8; Integrated microphone no
Creative’s Webcam Instant has the lowest native resolution on test at just 352 x 288 pixels, while the others boast 640 x 480. During a conversation in Messenger, the small picture window means the deficit isn’t that noticeable. But click on the full-screen button, and the relative blurriness and lack of detail are apparent.

Definition is still quite sharp, and we didn’t see the any noticeable colour casts. However, it can’t match the rest for detail and clarity. Snapshots and video can be saved at 640 x 480, but that’s with software interpolation – the rest go higher still. Audio quality is excellent with the bundled headset, but there’s no integrated unit.

The Webcam Instant is one of the better-looking models here with two arms clipped over a monitor. A third folds out to support the camera behind, or folds away for sitting flat on a desk or CRT. A stem lets you aim the camera anywhere you want, but it’s hard to grip the lens to adjust focus.

On top, there’s a snapshot button, and the WebCam Centre software has a sensitive motion-detection feature, capturing or broadcasting video or sending an email alert when movement is detected. Overall, it isn’t a terrible choice, but with the MSI StarCam costing $14 less we can’t recommend it.

This Review appeared in the July, 2006 issue of PC & Tech Authority Magazine

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