NETGEAR WNDR4000 N750: A fast, feature-packed router


A quick wireless router that boasts lots of features. There are better Netgear offerings on the market though.

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Netgear’s second entry to this Labs is as ambitious and fully featured as its first, the N600. As with that router, the N750 moniker is arrived at by adding the theoretical top speeds available in each frequency band – 300Mbits/sec over 2.4GHz and 450Mbits/sec over 5GHz. This means it isn’t quite the beast it may at first seem.

Still, this is plenty of power, and it translated to good speed in our tests. Overall, the N750 ranked third, behind the main award winners this month. At close range over 2.4GHz, we measured average speeds of 11.8MB/ sec, and over 5GHz that climbed to 22.5MB/sec. Long-range speed over 2.4GHz was decent as well, with the N750 achieving an average speed of 3.1MB/sec.

Where it fell short of its cousin, however, was with long-range speeds in the 5GHz frequency band. It did at least connect, where one didn’t, but speeds were very slow indeed. We measured an average rate of 0.7MB/ sec at a distance of 40m from the router with a window and a wood wall in the way.

That’s disappointing, especially in light of the N600’s excellent long-range performance: the N600 router was 52% faster over 2.4GHz and 309% faster over 5GHz in that test. And there are more areas where this doesn’t match up. It’s compatible with only cable connections where the N600 has both ADSL and WAN ports; there’s only one USB socket to the N600’s two ports; and NAS performance is middling. With a portable USB 3 drive hooked up, our tests returned 3.8MB/sec.

At least you get the same feature-packed web front-end, with support for media sharing and user-level access control to shared drives, a wireless repeater function for extending existing 2.4GHz networks, and the same bandwidth monitoring features.

But even with four Gigabit Ethernet ports at the rear, all these features, and the raw speed over 5GHz at close range, the N750 can’t overcome its biggest problem. The simple fact is that the N600 offers a superior feature set and more balanced overall performance, without costing much more than the WNDR400 N750 does.


This Review appeared in the Jan, 2012 issue of PC & Tech Authority Magazine

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