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The Kingston SSD Now V+ 100 128GB used to impress us but now seems a bit middle of the road. Read our review.

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Kingston has a pretty wide range of SSD models available, all tackling different areas of the desktop and laptop market. The SSD Now V+ 100 is the company's premium SATA 3GBps model, using a Toshiba T6UG1XBG controller chip to drive 128GB of MLC flash. This is a somewhat different strategy to competitors who use Sandforce controllers to drive their higher end models of SSD, usually relegating other controller brands to budget lines.

It is clear from the benchmark results that the Toshiba controller isn't quite up to SandForce level performance. While its sequential read and write speeds are competent and in the realm of what we expect from a SATA 3Gbps drives, the 4K 64 Thread tests show that performance is well under what we see in a Sandforce drive like the Silicon Power S20. The V+ 100 managed to deliver 20MB/s read and 13.7MB/s write in these tests, compared to the S20 which scored 123.29 MB/s write and 93.87 MB/s read speeds.

This puts the Kingston V+ 100 in a fairly middling place. Its low end sibling, the V 100, delivered low speeds but matched it with a very reasonable pricetag. Unfortunately the V+ 100 has a similar cost per gigabyte to the OCZ Vertex 3, which is a much faster SATA 6Gbps SSD. Without being able to show standout price or performance this puts the V+ 100 in a pretty ordinary place, with other brands capable of delivering much more performance for the dollar. Kingston has announced that its next high end drives will use SATA 6Gbps Sandforce controllers, which should change this equation somewhat.


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