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Fantastic price per gigabyte of the Kingston SSD Now 100 128GB makes up for its slow performance. Read our review.

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Kingston's budget range of SSDs is now getting somewhat long in the tooth, but it does still provide the best price/performance out of our testing. For the V series of drives Kingston uses a Jmicron JM618 controller chip, a budget controller at the best of times, and one which is only capable of delivering SATA 3Gbps read and write speeds.

This translates to sequential reads of 246.91MB/s and writes of 197.05 MB/s - both competitive with other SATA 3Gbps SSDs. Where it does fall down a bit is in the all important 4K 64 thread tests, where the Kingston SSD Now V 100 only managed to deliver writes of 12.48 MB/s and reads of 12.84 MB/sec. This is on the slow side of SSD access, but still an order of magnitude greater than a mechanical hard drive, which we tested delivering 1.1MB/s write and 0.8MB/s read speeds.

While this is the slowest SSD in the group test, it does show that even the low end of the market delivers a jump up in performance from mechanical drives. Add to this a price that matches the budget performance, and you have a line of SSDs that won't set the world on fire but will give you great price performance, working out at only $1.68 per gigabyte, which is significantly lower than both Sandforce-based SATA 3Gbps drives and the new generation SATA 6Gbps models.

With this in mind the SSD Now 100 is by far the best value offering in the grouptest this month. It may not have the greatest performance, but it is the cheapest way to get a boot SSD while still seeing a benefit over hard drives.


This Review appeared in the August, 2011 issue of PC & Tech Authority Magazine

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