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The price tag is hard to swallow but the OCZ RevoDrive 2 160GB is incredibly fast

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While the original RevoDrive has a great balance of price and performance the RevoDrive 2 focuses solely on speed. Like the RevoDrive it is a PCI-Express based SSD - the major difference between the two models is that while the original RevoDrive uses two SSDs in RAID, the RevoDrive two ups it to four RAIDed SSDs on the PCI-Express card.

This makes for some truly jawdropping performance, but also the highest cost per gigabyte of any drive in this grouptest. In fact, the cost is significantly higher - $3.71 per gigabyte compared to $2.25 per gigabyte for the first generation RevoDrive.

This instantly pushes the RevoDrive2 out of the realm of mere mortals and into the specialised areas of those who need maximum IOPs or just want the bragging rights of having the fastest desktop drive on the market.
The RevoDrive 2 wins every benchmark in this group test, showing particularly outstanding sequential reads of 661MB/s. In the all-important 4K tests it really shines, with 427MB/s reads over double that of the nearest competitor and 304MB/s writes which dwarf the nearest competitor, OCZ's Vertex 3 and its 224.06MB/s write speeds.

While the performance is jaw-dropping, we can't help but feel the RevoDrive 2 to be overkill. Add to this the fact that the original RevoDrive manages such a delicate combo of price and performance and the RevoDrive 2 just seems a little too expensive for what it is, especially when OCZ is prepping the next generation RevoDrive 3 to take over this high end segment of the market.


This Review appeared in the August, 2011 issue of PC & Tech Authority Magazine

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