SanDisk Cruzer Profile

SanDisk Cruzer Profile
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Great for keeping unwanted bad people off your PC. Also good for keeping you from your PC.

512MB USB flash drive with fingerprint scanning security.

Too effective fingerprint scanning security for your data.

It's a 512MB USB key with a fingerprint scanner for security. Cool, we thought. Then we plugged it in, installed the software and restarted as commanded.

This device is so good it locked us out of our test PC, even in safe mode! Granted, that’s a pretty spiffy way of stopping people accessing the connected USB drive, but this is an example of what we call super-Xtreme mega uber security overdrive and we weren’t impressed.

Uninstalling the software removed the SanDisk logo from the otherwise blank screen the test PC now boots to. But sadly the test PC appears to be in need of a Win reinstall to return it to usefulness.

The software clearly needs work. We'd suggest testing it at the shop before you give your home system over to this product. Looks cool, though.

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