Fallout: New Vegas, close to perfect for RPG fans

Fallout: New Vegas, close to perfect for RPG fans
5 / 10

Coming only two years after Fallout 3, this game is a strange beast. Not quite a sequel, Fallout: New Vegas feels more like a spiritual successor to the previous titles.


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Set in the Mojave Wasteland, New Vegas does a superb job of preserving the general RPG gameplay and vibe of Fallout 3, while adding enough new elements to keep everything feeling fresh and lively.

New Vegas puts you in the role of The Courier, a Mojave messenger shot in the head and left for dead. While finding out who shot you, and why, forms the main story arc, there’s so much more to Fallout: New Vegas.

In the review process we clocked up over 60 hours of gameplay, without feeling like the game was stagnating or even losing some of its impressive pacing. In that time we encountered cannibal cults in formal wear, sex robots, cross-dressing super mutants and a ghoul cult headed for a distant solar system.

 Gameplay additions such the Hardcore mode (requiring you to monitor sleep, food and water), the Survival skill (letting you craft supplies) and special attacks to make melee and unarmed combat more appealing offer a change to the last game.

Fallout: New Vegas is aided by its excellent voice talent, with names such as Ron Perlman, Matthew Perry, Dave Foley and Wayne Newton all adding their distinctive sounds to the many characters you encounter.

It’s not perfect, however. The game runs quite slowly at times and has a tendency to freeze. There is also an impressive number of bugs, including more than a few that result in strangely circular dialogue options.

We also experienced some issues when loading saved games. But ultimately, all these issues pale into comparision to the sheer breadth and scope of the game. For RPG fans, this is very close to perfect and will last at least a few playthroughs - remarkable value.  Nic Healey

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