Sennheiser OMX 680i Sports

Sennheiser OMX 680i Sports

Colourful, adjustable, but not quite perfect

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Price: $114
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18-20000Hz frequency response; SPL 120bB; 16Ohm impedance; 18g

If you want to stand out in a crowd, the Sennheiser OMX 680i Sports headphones will certainly help.

Their bright yellow and black will either attract bees or provide a warning that you’re dangerous to anyone venturing near. The yellow is bright enough that it looks as though it should glow in the dark (sadly, it doesn’t). But at least you won’t lose them easily.

The idea here is to have a pair of headphones for sporting activities, whether cycling, jogging or other alternatives. The OMX 680i headphones are cross-branded with Adidas, though the Adidas logo and name appear only on the packaging and carrying pouch.

The headphones themselves come with a flexible ear-sleeve for attachment. There are also three types of earbud covers to ensure a comfortable fit.

The ear sleeves are moderately bendable, but despite adjusting them, they never felt entirely secure on our ears. This is possibly because they slowly work their way back to their original shape, despite adjustment.

We wouldn’t completely trust them to stay in while jogging, for example, after one ear sleeve came off during vigorous head movement. We tried repeated attempts, after adjusting each time, but to no avail.

The sound is without any such frustrations, though.  It’s beautifully directional – only once we got to 75% volume setting on iPod was there even a hint of sound leakage. Bass is nicely rich-sounding for such a reasonably priced set of headphones, and while the treble is a little bright, it deals with vocals very well.

The light weight of the OMX C680i Sports adds to the appeal – they are just 18g, which includes the inline remote control for the iPod/iPhone.

The remote is kept to a minimalist three buttons, which will – depending on the number of times they are pressed – increase or decrease the volume, play/pause, skip, skip-backwards, rewind or fast-forward.  In addition you can also use the remote to manage phonecall receive/reject .

Overall, these are well-perorming headphones for the $114 price tag, but they're not quite perfection.

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