Oki's C130n printer has the right price, but there are better deals out there


Not terribly fast even though its cheap – it isn’t a bad machine, but there are good reasons to look elsewhere

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At less than 30cm wide, the Oki is one of the smallest printers on test. It's also one of the least expensive at just $274.

Even at that value price, you get some useful workgroup features, such as a network port and the second-largest paper tray on test, but the C130n's performance suggests that busy offices should look elsewhere. It's four pass, for a start, which means the Oki's colour performance is pretty slow at 5ppm.

Reserve it for black and white printing, though, and you're looking at the third-fastest printer here - we saw 21ppm on our straightforward black and white documents, and a good time to first page of 11 seconds.

Print quality was consistently good, too. It scored perfectly on our business graphics test, thanks to flawless black text and decent quality when it came to printing on coloured backgrounds. It was also close to the top printers in the group for photographic output.

The only complaint we had was when the C130n was tasked with printing fine gradients, since there was a small amount of stepping in evidence.

This makes the Oki seem incredibly appealing, and viewed on its own it would be. It's quiet and produced decent quality prints. However, there's the significant question of the competition posed by other printers this month, and that's where it comes unstuck.

For instance, its slow colour speed means it will never be a practical choice for any but the smallest workgroup, which is why the Brother has the edge - that's before we even consider the cost of ownership of this printer.

Alternatively, it's hard to ignore the Dell 1320cn, which is faster than the Oki despite costing around $50 less. The Oki is an undeniably good piece of hardware, with stacks of features and good results in our tests, but this month the competition simply outdoes it where it counts.


This Review appeared in the March, 2010 issue of PC & Tech Authority Magazine

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