Bigelow’s Virus Troubleshooting Pocket Reference

Bigelow’s Virus Troubleshooting Pocket Reference
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A well-researched reference book. Provides the essential information on virus detection, removal and on-going prevention. Suitable for network administrators and technicians.

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Bigelows Virus Troubleshooting Pocket Reference provides a thorough review of malware (that is, malicious software).

Bigelows Virus Troubleshooting Pocket Reference provides a thorough review of malware (that is, malicious software), the different characteristics of viruses and other types of malware such as Trojan horses, worms, bombs and service attacks. Author Dunham presents a balanced view of the world of computer viruses through his discussion of the myths and hoaxes that have proliferated alongside the growth of real viruses.

The old adage, prevention is better than cure, becomes apparent in the section devoted to preventing viruses. Dunham outlines preventative measures to avoid infection. This ranges from simple measures such as scanning floppy disks, backing up data and updating virus software, through to implementing clearly defined policies and procedures within an organisation. Using third party reviews, Dunham identifies some of the current top anti-virus software solutions on the market and the types of viruses they remove.

Unfortunately, using anti-virus software does not necessarily guarantee that a system will be free from viruses or that it will be able to remove a particular virus. Dunham explains why formatting the hard disk is never required. Dunham presents other interesting information and facts and figures throughout the book including a brief history of computer viruses.

Bigelows Virus Trouble-shooting Pocket Reference will arm you with the knowledge to be aware of viruses circulating, how to best protect your system from virus attack, how to identify a virus from various symptoms and the process of removing malware with an anti-virus software solution.

Nancy Choi

This Review appeared in the August, 2001 issue of PC & Tech Authority Magazine

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