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GMC R2 Toast
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The second GMC case serves breakfast?

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180 x 420 x 290mm (W x H x D); 1 x 80mm fan (rear); 1 x 5.25in drive bay (external); 2 x 3.5in drive bay (internal); ATX, M-ATX; steel.

We had a look at GMC's quirky R4 Bulldozer a little while back, but the R2 Toast is something along similar lines.

Echoing the R4's incredibly small weight and size, the Toast packs in up to ATX motherboards with a weight of only 3.5KG and a bargain price of $74.

There's a single 80mm cooling fan at the back which goes against most case designs, but the CD drive is mounted in a very different way - sliding up from the front of the case just like a toaster.

Head into the gallery of pics to see more from this case, and while we didn't butter one side to drop it (leaving that for the full review in an upcoming issue of the mag), the Toast is one case that'll impress or distress.


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