Coolermaster Gladiator 600

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Coolermaster Gladiator 600
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Coolermaster's Gladiator 600 case - mutant hybrid of two others?

Cooler Master
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Price: $109
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202 x 440 x 485mm (W x H x D); 1 x 140mm Fan (top); 1 x 120mm blue LED Fan (front); 5 x 5.25in drive bay (external); 5 x 3.5in drive bay (internal); ATX, M-ATX; steel; 8.5kg.

When you get down to the nitty gritty of a case, you see a lot of the same things - but in the case of the Coolermaster Gladiator 600 this is taken to yet another level.

At just more than $100, it's aimed just below the CM690 in price by about $40, but another $30 higher than the Centurion 5.

It's bang-smack in the middle of the road in features too, taking some elements of both cases and fusing them into one budget beast with an odd choice or two thrown in for good measure.

It's no Cosmos 1000 case by any means, but offers some decent value - so make sure you pick up a future copy of Atomic and jump into the gallery to decide for yourself.


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